We’ve captured the stories of over 40 Northern Rivers businesses, sharing their experiences and their challenges along with what makes our region special and a great place to be in business. This is a virtual tour of our entrepreneurial landscape from small retailers to global manufacturers, you will love the diversity and triumphs. Celebrate and share through your networks and be part of driving outcomes for business growth in the region.
horizon motorhomes ballina 002
1600 1067 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

when opportunity knocks…

Horizon Motorhomes
When a campervan arrived on Clayton Kearney’s used car yard in 1995, and sold in seconds flat, he realised there was a gap in the market…

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2000 1165 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

let’s get physical

Grafton Physio + Sport
You know you’re in good hands when you visit your physiotherapist and she turns out to be a world-class athlete. That’s the case for those who…

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simply clean lismore 001
1600 533 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

simply better for you

Simply Clean
It’s probably no surprise that it was a cleaning company that was the most well organised of all the businesses Huw and Becky Jones found for sale…

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Southern Cross University Lismore
2000 1048 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

partners with industry, partners with community

Southern Cross University
Celebrating a silver anniversary is a significant milestone, 25 years of developing your relationship, exploring and accepting your strengths…

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bennett construction lismore 003
1920 781 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

back to the future with new inspiration

Bennett Construction
It would be fair to say that Bennett Construction and Ballina High School have come full circle with each other. It sounds like a back to the future…

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gateway finefoods kyogle
960 639 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

local, seasonal, transformative gem hits town

Gateway Fine Foods and Catering
Debbie McQueen has three words of advice for anyone starting a business in Kyogle: flexibility, perseverance and patience. They’re three traits Debbie…

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yaru water tweed
1600 1067 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

building bridges with water

Yaru Water
“This unique partnership between an Indigenous family and a non-Indigenous family enabled Yaru Water to start changing the way the procurement…

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Aurora Suspended Fires_Ballina in good company image 4
960 600 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

all fired up for global attention

Aurora Suspended Fires
Aurora Suspended Fires arose from the perfect marriage of Chloe Allan’s creative talents with Neil’s engineering background. But building a successful…

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Mount Warning Tours Tweed
1920 1080 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

a natural business adventure

Mount Warning Tours
Despite only existing for four years, Mount Warning Tours’ short life has been eventful: from purchasing the ex-Murray River ferry Spirit of Wollumbin…

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husk distillers tweed 001
1280 853 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

beauty and the bottle

Husk Distillers
The Husk Distillers story starts in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean. Paul and his wife Mandaley Perkins were on holiday in 2009 and discovered…

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1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

fastest growing, remains humble and local

For TripADeal, the figures speak for themselves: revenue in excess of $100million for 2017; 75,000 travellers sent to various…

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Northern Co-operative Meat Company
1600 1066 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

collaboration and cooperative capital

Northern Cooperative Meat Company
It comes as little surprise that one of the largest employers on the Northern Rivers is a co-operative, and with Casino being the beef capital of…

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Evans Head Cabinetry 001
2000 1041 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

carefully crafted business success

Evans Head Cabinet Making
“People often say, ‘They don’t build things like they used to’,” says fine furniture and cabinet maker Justin Crisp. “But I can confidently say…”

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1210 864 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

crowd pleasing innovation creates a buzz

It’s difficult to know where to start with the remarkable story of BeeInventive. Perhaps in the humble shed in Byron Shire bushland…

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1000 627 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

cooperative success, sweet for 150 years

Sunshine Sugar
The Northern Rivers is home to generations of cane farming families who have not only built the sugar industry, but also saved the local…

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1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

old-fashioned approach reaps rewards

Kyogle Country Store
It feels like a brave decision, buying a hardware and rural supplies store in the age of the corporate superstores. Though it was a challenge…

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all the best fine foods casino 001
1000 664 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

our kitchen rules in the heart of beef country

All The Best Fine Foods
From little things big thing grow, goes the saying, and Casino-based business All The Best Fine Foods is certainly proof that humble….

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1600 1066 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

growing community, growing business

The Farm
It’s a typical Saturday morning at The Farm, on the outskirts of Byron Bay. Families line up for freshly made pastry and coffee. Every table in the…

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OConnors carriers tweed 001
1920 1288 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

community keeps on carrying on

O’Connors Carrying Service
Friday 30 March 2017 is a day Paul and Sue O’Connor won’t forget. The owners of O’Connors Carrying Service left their depot in Murwillumbah…

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850 565 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

from generation to generation

After buying a rundown dairy farm in the Byron hinterland in 1989, it was another ten years before Pam and Martin Brook made their shift to the…

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1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

building a good reputation

Brett Harley
When the only pub in town burns to the ground, it’s a big responsibility being the one chosen to rebuild it. The success of Uki’s new Mt Warning…

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northern_lights _ballina_northern_rivers_001
2000 1333 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

let there be light

Northern Light
“I eat a pot of honey every day and I’ve been stung more than 70,000 times,” says Jeffrey Gibbs, founder of Northern Light, an organic beeswax…

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oatten and hoffman kyogle 002
1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

revving up the community engine

Oaten and Hoffman
In 2015 Tim Hoffman was riding the high on business success, and had no clue about the blow that was awaiting him….

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patches kyogle 001
1232 816 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

sewing love for a lifetime

Patches of Kyogle
Jeannine Smith grew up under her mother’s sewing machine in Western Samoa. “My mother was a professional dressmaker,” says Jeannine…

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grafton to yamba houseboats clarence
2048 1536 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

take me to the river

Grafton to Yamba Houseboats
The Clarence River, at the southern end of the Northern Rivers, is known colloquially as the ‘Big River’, while its Aboriginal name is ‘Breimbah’ or…

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edmonds conveyancing ballina 001
1920 847 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

home is where the heart is

Edmonds Conveyancing
The legal aspects of buying and selling a property are not normally associated with having a laugh and even singing, but the Edmonds Conveyancing…

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stone and wood 001
960 761 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

not just a business, a community partner

Stone & Wood
“That’s like asking parents to name which of their children they prefer,” says Jamie Cook, Stone & Wood co-founder. He has been asked which of the…

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wrightway products 001
600 436 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

right place, right time, right way

Wrightway Products
The greatest challenge for Jennifer Joy and John Donnelly, the driving force behind Wrightway Products, was getting the world to see the value of…

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nicholson fine foods yamba
1030 1030 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

eclectic food innovator shines

Nicholson Fine Foods
The small coastal town of Yamba is home to the one of the world’s best eating prawns, the Eastern King Prawn. It’s also home to the highest…

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Alstonville quality meats image 1
2000 1333 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

main street royalty reigns

Alstonville Quality Meats
There’s a giggle in the undertone of conversation when Ashley and Tina Thomson share their claim to fame as being the multi-award winning Sausage Kings…

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1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

spellbinding growth for a home grown icon

Spell Designs
The scent, texture and aura of Byron Bay is famous, and well-loved. If that Byron Bay feeling was a fashion brand, it would surely be Spell & The Gypsy Collective….

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air t&g ballina helicpoters 002
800 531 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

flying high, with a helicopter view

Air T&G
Northern Rivers is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty, and imagine if your day at the office involved enjoying these views from the air…

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Osteria Casaurina Tweed Coast
1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

overtures of romance and style

Mark Wilson, Lia Mason and Lee Middendorf all met when the three of them were working in hospitality jobs at The Sandbar …

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spar maclean clarence valley
1535 1025 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

making history, creating culture

Spar Maclean
SPAR Maclean’s claim to fame is a doozy. Indeed, it’s something only one supermarket in the whole of Australia can say: that it is the longest…

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cape byron distellery 002
960 540 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

spirit of the rainforest

Cape Byron Distillery
Let’s forget the beaches for a moment, as the true lifeblood of the Northern Rivers landscape is surely its rainforests, some of the most botanically…

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rod n reel woodburn nortrhern rivers
1920 1080 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

reinventing a special highway town

Rod n Reel Hotel
Woodburn NSW is a charming riverside town with which is about to embark on a transformation. When the Pacific Highway bypass is completed…

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nimbin valley dairy 003
666 500 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

love, peace and artisan cheese

Nimbin Valley Dairy
Not every goat in Australia has its own nutritionist and its own vet. But the goats at Nimbin Valley Dairy definitely do. Bill, the nutritionist…

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glass lab tweed heads 002
1000 661 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

riding the wave of success

The Glass Lab
Adam Wessel may have worked in surfboard factories since the age of 16, but it was a stint in the luxury yachting industry that sowed the…

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meme productions featured image
1000 750 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

world class creatives

Mememe Productions
The piece of advice that dirtgirlworld creator, Cate McQuillen, likes to share with other creative entrepreneurs in the region tells much about her story…

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mountain blue 001 copy
1920 1280 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

true blue locals making a difference

Mountain Blue
Mountain Blue is the definition of a twenty-first century business. Not only have owners Ridley and Mieke Bell expanded their blueberry production…

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cumulus vfx byron 002
1000 750 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

effective creatives have all the fun

Cumulus VFX
They’ve walked the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Hoges. Gone down the garden path with Peter Rabbit. Flown Katie Holmes over…

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800 800 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

organic, sustainable and a local legend

Mara Seeds
The farmer and owner of Mara Seeds knows what can happen when you don’t – his 8000-acre station 50km to the west of Casino has seen worse…

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island collective yamba
1080 823 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

collectively creative social heaven

Island Collective
If you are looking for contemporary artist and stylist Fleur Yorston, you’ll most likely find her among fiddle leaf figs and cane furniture, in her Yamba…

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herb blanchard haulage
1024 682 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

in for the long haul

Herb Blanchard Haulage
If you happen to be in the ‘jacaranda city’ of Grafton or its surrounds and you see a big blue truck out on the roads, the chances are its part of the…

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1000 667 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

ahead of time on equality and agility

Hurford Hardwood
When Olive Hurford told the bank manager she’d be looking after the accounts of her husband’s new building company, the story goes…

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harwood marine clarence
1920 1182 In Good Company | Northern Rivers

‘can do’ marine

Harwood Marine
About half way between Yamba and Maclean is the tiny village of Harwood, which sits on the peaceful banks of the Clarence River with its population…

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