love, peace and artisan cheese

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Nimbin Valley Dairy
392 Tuntable Falls Rd, Nimbin NSW 2480

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love, peace and artisan cheese

Not every goat in Australia has its own nutritionist and its own vet. But the goats at Nimbin Valley Dairy definitely do. Bill, the nutritionist, and Ray, the vet make sure the Nimbin Valley goats are happy and healthy. With regular check-ups, and 120 hectares of lush grazing land to roam, these goats don’t have much to complain about.

For dairy farmers and cheesemakers, Kerry and Paul Wilson, happy, healthy animals mean quality dairy products. With five generations of dairying and cheesemaking heritage between them, Kerry and Paul know all about quality food production.

“Since 2008, Nimbin Valley Dairy has been producing a range of goat and cow milk cheeses, using milk produced from animals on our farm,” says Paul. “We produce under two labels: Byron Bay Cheese and Nimbin Valley Dairy, and our most popular Byron Bay cheese is Tintenbar Triple Cream,” Kerry says.

Nimbin Valley Dairy is a grass roots operation. They raise healthy animals, make cheeses on the farm, and sell to local farmers’ markets, artisan produce stores and into local restaurants. “We also source as much as we can from small local suppliers, including garlic and lemon myrtle,” says Kerry.

Paul and Kerry, who are partners and have the same surname by coincidence, have a long and strong connection with the Northern Rivers. Paul grew up on a dairy near Lismore. Kerry was raised on a dairy farm in Kyogle, where his mother can still be found making her famous sponges and pavlovas. This heritage, coupled with the local focus on sustainable farming, means Kerry and Paul take extra care of their land.

“We use farming methods that closely mimic nature, and are committed to walking lightly on the earth,” Paul says. “As well as avoiding harmful pesticides, we offset carbon emissions by planting several hundred rainforest trees per month over three years. Where possible, we use recycled materials for packaging. Energy is 100% sourced from renewables.”

Given the Northern Rivers region has a palate for ethical, artisan produce, it’s no wonder they have a palate for Nimbin Valley Dairy. “Our food is what it is,” says Kerry.

“No numbers in the ingredients list and no words you can’t pronounce. Just a simple pleasure we’ve enjoyed for generations and are now sharing with you.”

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