The Northern Rivers is an amazing place to be in business, with a calibre of entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable business acumen that is unrivalled.

The ‘in good company’ Northern Rivers project has been developed as a project and campaign driver for keeping business in the region and attracting business to the region. We invite you to be part of the project as we celebrate, connect and collaborate to enhance business opportunities and facilitate economic development.

Our region is home to a diverse range of business and industry leaders and as you explore their business stories you will see a common thread and tribute to establishing or operating in the Northern Rivers. Whether it is in a coastal village, hinterland hamlet, a CBD or industrial estate Northern Rivers businesses are the mainstay of the economy and integral to employment growth and sustainable community endeavours.

In a region of close to 300,000 people within an enviable landscape of 20,000 plus kilometres, the Northern Rivers has a GRP of $13.305 billion (2.3% of the state) and significant opportunities for continued industry sector growth and development. Our project partners are facilitators in the area of economic development and have collaborated to leverage the dynamic strength of the entire Northern Rivers business offering.

Sharing business stories, connecting businesses to each other and creating collaborative opportunities are important to developing a thriving economy and positioning our region for future investment and reinvestment. We would love for you to be part of our first campaign, Bigger Backyard, and take the pledge today.

Business Stories


Discover the people behind the businesses in Northern Rivers and follow their journey to establish and grow their enterprises. Celebrate their achievements and share with your networks – as we work together to shine a light on our own backyard.

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Nurtured by nature

For the past 10 years GreenX7 has been running workshops and retreats internationally and in the Tweed for clients as diverse as McDonald’s, Deloitte, Six Senses, and the Australian Defence Force, to inspire both individuals and teams to tap into the healing power of nature.

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Three generations of style

Running a small clothing shop in a country town is a fine art. It requires balance, delicacy and an open mind to serve the needs of locals, tourists, the area’s workers and more.

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bennett construction lismore 003
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back to the future with new inspiration

Bennett Construction
It would be fair to say that Bennett Construction and Ballina High School have come full circle with each other. It sounds like a back to the future…

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Step back in time for ‘reel’

Yamba Cinema
Yamba Cinema is not just a popular venue to see the latest movie in an idyllic Northern Rivers town.

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Casino RSM Club

Casino RSM Club
The 23 of March 2020 was the hardest day of Neale Genge’s career.

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From trauma to business transformation

Our Cow
For Casino-based meat providers Our Cow, the last three years have seen remarkable, game-changing growth.

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Be part of a region of business leaders who are increasing their ‘in region’ vs ‘out of region’ spending. When every dollar retained in the Norther Rivers has a multiplier effect on the local economy and impacts on business growth and sustainability – it’s a small step towards making difference. Take the pledge today.

Business Stories


Intro text to business stories. We’ve spoken to 40 awesome Northern Rivers businesses to find out how the succeeded in business in the region and the advantages they found from being based here. These stories have been published together in a printed book to coincide with the Commonwealth games 2018, and are archived here on the website.

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biggy pop sings support for matilda

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital
In 2020, Iggy Pop received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys; in the same year his pet cockatoo, named Biggy Pop, became the founding patron of Byron Wildlife Hospital…

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Clean green superfood team

Foods That Love You Back
Health activist Erle Astrup founded Foods That Love You Back in January 2021, and her business – which has created the world’s first affordable, alkaline shot of concentrated microgreens – is infused with the passion she has for driving it.

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following her art’s desires

Bingara Gallery
If she wasn’t painting wild animals and birds, artist Angela Parr, 62, would most likely be rescuing them, healing them, or advocating for them…

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You can judge a book by its cover

Charlie & Fox
When Jess Tunnage’s mother-in-law gave her a sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago, she had no idea how to use it.

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