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Imagine you have your product or service ready to go, but you discover that no one wants to pay for it. Crazy, you say? Unfortunately, this happens to lots of people. One way to ensure that people will want to engage with your business is by knowing who wants to engage with your business and then using that information to shape the way you do business. A way to do this is by mapping your customer personas. These aren’t real people – but they might as well be and very well could be! Personas are descriptions built around your ideal customer, and they’re often based on people in real life. You might go interview people, observe people, or assess who your current audience is – but the most important thing is that you know who they are.

Essentially, to sell to them, you have to get to know them. Every customer has different wants and needs, and if you know what they want, you can design your business to fit their needs – and solve their problems! (Remember we talked about that bit earlier in Entrepreneurs and Why).

Circus Street breaks down the idea of personas, and tells us how this benefits a business that sells shoes. Three different customer types, three different approaches:

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